Romanian Biz Magazine – a special edition and a new website

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After Biz magazine recently changed its  shareholders, with Marta Usurelu owning 70% of shares and the rest of 30% being owned by the printing house Grafica si tipar, property of Dragos Balan, the publication is coming with more changes for its readers.

This way, recently, Biz magazine went, with all its team and a few well chosen special guests, to Brussels, where it made a special number of the magazine.

In a difficult period for print, Biz had the guts to innovate and to be bold, going further than Romanian print publication dared in the last couple years.

After, a while ago, Biz realized an entire edition in a mall from Bucharest, showing openly the editorial steps to anyone interested, the magazine went recently one step further, going to Brussels, the heart of European Union, to realize its next edition.

The special edition realized entirely in Brussels includes interviews with politicians working for European Parliament, with Romanian entrepreneurs or subjects from diamonds businesses to chocolate ones or from cartoon museum to beer companies.

Biz magazine will appear, in the future, in excellent graphical conditions, as it has now as a shareholder a printing house, Grafica si Tipar.

The magazine also launched a new site, available at, modernize, improved and that represents an entry gate for all the events and special edition Biz will organize this year.