, launched in UK by Romanian Standout and Byte Flux

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Standout and Byte Flux launched in UK, on Monday,, a version of monitoring service for Facebook pages in UK. is functioning similarly with, but it monitors British Facebook pages and allows them to be compared in specific categories.

At the launch, is launched with 2,600 pages being monitored, while the Romanian version of the service,, is nowadays monitoring over 11,000 Romanian pages.

We will see soon a number at least double of pages compared to the Romanian one. From what we saw on, Facebook numbers in UK are around 10 times higher than the ones in Romania in terms of Facebook users and fans for the Facebook pages

Ionut Oprea, Manager Standout

In this moment, the 1st 20 pages in UK have with over 1M fans more than the biggest Romanian one on Facebook

Andrei Stefan, Manager Byte Flux

According to, the number of Romanian Facebook users reached to 2.95M at the end of February, from which 51.6% set out the city they live in.

According to, the number of Brits using Facebook is 10 time bigger, reaching to 28.94m users.
British version of,, is monitoring  over 2,500 Facebook pages in UK.

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