Ogilvy helped WWF to turn the light off on Earth Hour

Creativity, Marketing

Ogilvy supported, for the 3rd year in a row the campaign for promoting Earth Hour activities in Romania, organized on March 26th, when 5,000 town in the entire world turned off the lights for an hour, in a symbolic gesture of involvement in solving the nowadays environment problems

The digital dimension of the campaign represented an efficient instrument to create an active supporters community.

We want to thank to everyone that turned off the light on Earth Hour. We thank a lot to social networks’ user that entered the site dedicated to the event, www.earth-hour.ro, and trained in turn off the light games. Rescue-watts they collected brought us also new visitors and new people to turn off the light at their turn.

Why do we talk about them especially? The audience of this website started from 0 and increased exclusively through viral campaigning. The 1st “saviours” came from Facebook. And the lights turned off even more with the help of vplay.ro and, this way, in only 2 weeks, we gathered couple thousands players poised to turned off the light

Andy Lita

Business Unit Director OgilvyInteractive

Ogilvy’s team that encouraged Romanians to turn off the light for Earth Hour included Albert Nica – Executive Creative Director, Dani Macarie – Creative Director, Stefan Dinca – Flash Developer, Catalin Dumitrescu – Web Developer, Bogdan Moga – Art Director, Adrian Poenaru – Copywriter, Radu Zaharescu – Art Director, Catalin Georgescu – Copywriter, Raluca Anghel – Account Executive, Livia Costea – Account Manager.

WWF team included Ioana Betieanu – Communication Specialist, Dana Caratas – Communications and Marketing Coordinator and Luminita Tanasie – Program director.

Also partner with WWF in their actions for Earth Hour was Elevate’s team, that helped running a campaign in business centers’ elevators.

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