Romanian MBDragan launched

Digital & Media, Marketing

Romanian interactive agency MB Dragan launched, an online platform that aggregate the offers from the most known promotions and discounts sites.

The group buying business had a fast development in Romania, as there were brought coupons valued at Euro 1M only in the first few months of this year. A new concept for Romania, group buying coupons had an extraordinary success, as they offer people access to services they couldn’t afford or find easily otherwise. keeps consumers informed regarding the most recent discounts from the profile sites, sorted in well defined categories and easy to access, sorted by domains and cities.

According to Mihai Dragan, the concept of the platform is to help the consumer, bringing together, in an organized way, the tempting offers of all specialized sites.

MB Dragan is a full service interactive agency with headquarters in Bucharest and offices in other Romanian towns. The agency has in its portfolio clients such as Adevarul Holding, Pagini Aurii (Yellow Page), Interbrands, Ursus Breweries and HP.