BrandTailors creates Kand’or, a new chocolate bar brand

Branding, Creativity

Romanian brand consulting and design firm BrandTailors created the visual identity and package design for Kand’or chocolate bars, a new Kandia Dulce product brand that aims entering a new chocolate market subsegment.

The new Kandia Dulce brand, Kand’or is positioned as the “chocolate-covered hazelnuts bar”, the most important advantage that differentiates the product from the main competitors playing in the “ingredient” chocolate sub-segment.

The new brand’s package design was created around the main ingredient – the impressive amount of hazelnuts– and translates the chocolate’s quality and the exquisite taste by means of a distinctive chromatic that bringstogether different shades of brown and the golden colour of the logotype

The organic shapes illustrating the brand’s visual language were designed to support the brand’s premium price positioning. In this respect, the decision was to stick to a as simple as possible. Thus, the graphic solution conveys a single-minded and differentiating idea – the high content of hazelnuts in Kand’or chocolate countline

Melania Nemes
Senior Brand Designer

BrandTailors team members contributing to this project development were: Melania Nemeş – creative conceptand graphic development, Cristina Ionescu – project management, and Mihai Parpalea – desktop publishing.