Pro TV brought MasterChef TV format

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Pro TV brings, as a 1st in Romania, the most important international gastronomical show, “MasterChef”

Pro TV brought the “MasterChef” TV show format from Shine International. The program is the most fascinating culinary competition in the world and revolutionised the “cooking show” segment and gathered record audiences, millions of people wanting to enter the contest.

“MasterChef” is one of the most interesting and spectacular reality shows and reunites people that are passionate by gastronomy, people for which cooking is a joy and not a job and which, by their talent, inventivity and passion, can change lifes.

The show was already present in 16 countries, among which UK, Australia, United States, Croatia, Greece and Sweden.

Winners of just finalist in the program, some of the people that competed in the abroad editions of MasterChef managed to open their own restaurants, to change their career, to write successful books or even to become TV presenters.