the Syndicate inspires an original air with Unilever Food Solutions, in Romania

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Once with the relaunch and revival of Unilever Food Solutions brand in Romania, the Syndicate signs a new campaign for the brand, “Inspire an original air”

the Syndicate understood UFS’s need to reposition and report to the needs and expectations of clients, managing, in the same time, to underline the importance of company’s products and services in the kitchens all over the country

Valentin Vernea, Head of Trade Marketing the Sydicate

Moreover, the way the agency is spreading the message is inspired from Romanian restaurants’ owners and cooks attitude, reason why the campaign is friendly, full of energy and carefully targeted.

“Inspire an original air” campaign had as a starting point a poll following which there were chosen the most present dishes in Romanian restaurants’ menus (…). They found their way in Unilever Food Solutions brochure, that will reach in thousand locations at national level, to be used by owners and chefs that want to refresh their menus with a minimum of effort, time and money

Maria Gavrilescu, Channel Marketing Leader Unilever Food Solutions

Strategically, the Syndicate chose a special approach to help UFS products sales process, involving chefs at a personal level. This way, the chefs will show their gastronomical talents on campaign’s site,, where they will post a recipe of their own, prepared with at least one UFS product. The winning recipe will sent its author to an innovative gastronomical workshop in Dublin, Ireland.

Campaign’s mechanism didn’t omitted the fact that a business is behind an attractive menu and orientated towards supporting the business. This way, each location that will make an order for UFS products will receive a personalized promotional kit, including table tents and menu inserts.

Through the campaign conceived by the Syndicate, restaurants’ owners and chefs can breath the original UFS air, innovating in their menu and adopting new solution, specially made for them to increase their business value.

The campaign started on April 11th and will last until September 30th.

the Syndicate team involved in the campaign includes Valiu Vernea – Head of Trade Marketing, Ileana Dumitrescu – Account Manager, Florin Olingheru – Creative Director and Adriana Bestea – copywriter.

The representative of Unilever Food Solution is Maria Gavrilescu – Channel Marketing Leader.

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Among the Syndicate‘s clients are also Unilever Food Solutions, Sandoz, Trust Euro Therm, Banca Romaneasca, Wienerberger, Banc Post and Derpan.