SmartPoint – good results in 2010, new partnerships in 2011


SmartPoint, independent consultance and PR company with operations at regional level (Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia), had a turnover of RON 4.28M in 2010, 32% higher than the year before

The last 2 years were a confirmation period in which there were validated business models (…) In 2010, we managed to grow over what we expected, by attracting important accounts locally and regionally and by consolidating the existent partnerships. This platform offered the possibility to develop the communication products and projects, allowing the increase of competencies and the expanding of the team

Catalin Patrasescu

Managing Partner SmartPoint

As Patrasescu said, 2011 is the year the company intends to consolidate its business at regional level, to have a 10% growth and to attract new partners.

In 2010, SmartPoint added to its portfolio clients such as eMAG and Tandberg, (part of CISCO).

Also, the agency affiliated to the international communication network

In 2010, SmartPoint expanded the relationship it had with Kingston on Romanian market at regional level.