Western Union dares Romanians to see how connected they are

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Western Union launched a Facebook app through which it invites the Romanians to discover the scoop of their friends network. Western Union launched this app to celebrate 160 years since launch and to identify the person with the most important friends network in the world.

With over 400,000 locations in over 200 countries and territories, Western Union has an important international presence. The global competition Western Union Network Challenge was launched and is available online at: www.westernunionworld.com/yourworld.

The search for the best connected person in the world will be made via the interactive app – Your World – especially created by Western Union for the anniversary moment. The app is visualizing the global connections of Facebook users and people that access the application receive, automatically, a score that shows how connected they are at international level. They can also compare their position with the ones occupied by their friends on Facebook and to the other participants to the contest.