A minute on Romanian internet, according to trafic.ro

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trafic.ro launched real time statistics and, with this occasion, analyzedwhat Romanian internet users are doing in one single minute spent online .

This way, in the minute that trafic.ro analyzed users browsing the sites it monitors, there were online 36,554 unique visitors that made 10,220 searches, 36,659 visits and 67,659 page views, mainly on news and sports sites .

On the other hand, out of the 10,220 searches, the big majority were made via Google .

In the analyzed minute, there were more than 167 searches per second from which: 98% on Google, 1.6% on Yahoo and 0.4% on Bing . The main key words used for searches were: games (122 searches), newspapers (76), online games (62), end-college exams  (30), sports (20), explicative dictionary of Romanian language – dex (18), train schedule and accomodation in Paltinis (mountain resort) – 17 searches each, horoscope (16) and weather (13) .

Among its other services, Google was also the best referrer for Romanian sites in the same minute, with 278 clicks, followed by Facebook (116), e-ziare.ro (103), retete-gustoase.ro (54), prosport.ro (49), gsp.ro (33), ziar.com (29), adevarul.ro (24), click.ro (20), sport.ro and stirileprotv.ro (17 clicks each) .

In the same period of time, only 474 visitors accessed Romanian websites from mobile devices, visualizing a total of 704 pages . Most of the people that accessed internet from mobile devices are clients of the telecom operators Orange and Vodafone and are using mainly Apple devices .