Ana-Maria Bogdan takes over the helm as Managing Director at Grapefruit


Ana-Maria Bogdan - Managing Director, GrapefruitAna-Maria Bogdan joined Grapefruit as Managing Director, with the mission to head agency’s office in Bucharest. Ana-Maria Bogdan has 12 years of experience in marketing and digital and worked in industries such as telecom, retail, banking, media & advertising

Anei-Maria Bogdan started her career in 2000, at Ogilvy Interactive, 1st internet division affiliated to a multinational agency in Romania. She started with online copywriting, informational architecture and Client Service responsabilities for digital projects. Afterwards, her work continued to have ties with these domains, no matter if the company wasZapp/Telemobil, Altex, Kanal D or ING. Before joining Grapefruit, her last position was  Internet Channel Development Manager at ING Bank.

Ana-Maria Bogdan has an Executive MBA at University of Sheffield, with specialization in change management, and 2 Master degrees in Communication and PR. Started 2006, she is member in IAB Romania’s board and contributed to establishing the specific standards of online industry and to some educational projects ran by the organization.

After working for 4 years with Grapefruit as a client, Ana-Maria Bogdan joined agency’s team.