Romanian outdoor, reunited in Romanian Outdoor Advertising Association

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Romanian main outdoor companies reunited under Romanian Outdoor Advertising Association, an association founded in August 2011.

ROAA appears as a need for Romanian outdoor companies for an organism to really and constructively help them to develop and standardize the outdoor market in Romania

The founding members of ROAA are main Romanian outdoor players:

  • Euromedia and Betacons – Part of the Austrian group Epamedia International
  • Affichage Romania – member of Affichage Holding
  • News Outdoor Romania – part of News Outdoor Group.

ROAA will be managed, in its 1st year of activity, by Raluca Grigorescu, Chief Operating Officer News Outdoor Romania.

Among the objectives ROAA was founded for are developing and promoting standards of quality recognized by all its members and share of know-how in order to improve individual efficiency, the capacity to adapt to market’s changes and competition with other advertising channels and, not the least, insuring the best services

The start projects of ROAA involve an evaluation of the outdoor panels according to the criteria accepted by all its members and monitoring the advertising spending for this medium.

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