ZeList Monitor includes crosstabs for main measured variables

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ZeList Monitor introduced, since this autumn, contingency tables for its main measured variables , as the users of this service are interested by as many insights as possible regarding monitored brands and expressions.

According to ZeList Monitor, the main reason to include crosstabs in the analysis is to offer users the possibility to see what is the distribution of a certain variable inside another variable.

In each table of this kind, the disposal of variables is the following: values for a variable are mentioned on rows, while the values of the other variable are on columns. In the end, all those are summed up both on rows and columns.

The variables measured by Zelist Monitor are:

1. “Sex” – nominal variable, measures gender for the people that mentioned, in the analyzed period, the monitored expression. In terms of source (monitored social media channel), this variable is measured only for blogs and Twitter accounts

2. “Age” – ordinal variable measures the age of the people that mentioned the monitored expression. Similar, this variable is also available only for blogs and Twitter.

3.”Region” – nominal variable, represents the region the person is living in. For this parameter, there are taken in consideration the following sources: blogs, Twitter accounts and online press.

4. “Feeling” – represents the favorability degree for the monitored expression in an article / post/ tweet. This variable is measured on a Likert scale with 5 steps: “very bad”, “bad”, “neither bad or good”, “good” and “very good”

5. “Subject” variable is expressed through string values and shows what is the main subject / context presented in the monitored expression.