Alternative School starts the admission session for Eurobest semester


The Alternative School for Creative Thinking started the admission session for Eurobest semester, opened until October 27th.

The people expected to enter the classes are people that work in brand management, designers, graphical designers, storytellers, copywriters and strategy people. The teams including client-agency members are encouraged to join the school, because the exercise on inspirational briefs, analyzed case studies and tutors guidance can offer them the opportunity to explore creative routes with substance.

The Alternative School meetings take place in the evening, from 19.00 to 21.00, three times a week. The classes focus on contemporary creative thinking mechanics, with applications in communication.

Analyzed case studies cover awarded works in Cannes Lions – titanium, design, media, direct, outdoor or print, but also works awarded in Eurobest.

Same as in the last 7 years, teachers from The Alternative School will be specialists in Romanian marketing and communication, while the classes will be hold in spaces offered by the most interesting Romanian agencies .

The tax for Eurobest semester is Euro 300 and the applicants that want to come also for Cannes semester benefit on a discount. As every year, 3 scholarships will be offered to people that solve admirably the application’s brief.

According to tradition, at the end of the semester, there is organized a competition with results taking in consideration the results in solving the briefs over the semester and a contest that lasts 24 hours. The winners will go to Lisbon, for the European contest of integrated communication Eurobest.

Eurobest, festival dedicated to European creativity, takes place each year in other creative capital. The previous editions took place in Stockholm, Amsterdam and Hamburg. At the end of November, Lisbon becomes the creative capital where delegates from all over the world come to discover what the European culture of idea means.

Through The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, over 170 young people benefited of specializations in Cannes, Eurobest and Dubai Lynx. They won 2 times Gold at Roger Hatchuel, Bronze in Young Lions Print and a mention in Young Marketers.

Eurobest is the most known festival dedicated to European way of cultivating ideas, with applications in marketing and communication. In the last 7 years, more than 10 jurors represented Romania at Eurobest.


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