Romanian law firm Pachiu & Associates relaunched its visual identity and consolidated its online presence


Romanian law firm Pachiu & Associates consolidated its presence online, through the website, that was relaunched together with company’s new visual identity.

The law firm has over 9 years of activity and, during this time, build up on business law practice sector an image focused on professionalism. Also, its turnover grew up to Euro 1.2M while the services were continuously adjusted and expanded in order to fit clients needs


The changes the company went through during the years made necessary a new image to express the philosophy of Pachiu & Associates. The rebranding process didn’t mean only modifying the visual elements but also a change in the external communication, based on internal communication and clients feedback.

The new website bets on simplicity and the logo – the representative symbol of the law firm, supports its slogan: “Bound by Excellence”.

We assumed the strategy of presenting ourselves openly, elegantly and with sincerity. We are not seeking to make aggressive marketing, to assume undeserved merits or to speculate our clients’ trust, promoting ourselves with any price via their transactions or their name or reputation. We want that, through everything we do, the people that work or collaborate with to be proud of us, of what we represent and of what we communicate. We want, more than everything, to have a consensus between what we say and what we are

Andrei Dumitrache

Partner, coordinator of Financial Department and supervisor of PR & Marketing activities

Pachiu & Associates

All the ideas that are part of Pachiu & Associates’  identity were integrated into an unitary concept-message: Believe – Bound by Excellence, as Links in a chain, we create Innovation from Enthusiasm and Value from Expertise. The concept has the role to tell brand’s story, with focus on the differentiation elements.

Pachiu & Associates is a law firm specialized in business law and founded by one of the 1st business lawyers in Romania. The company is appreciated for its fast, efficient and personalized solutions for mergers&aquisitions, financing, financial and banking law problems, energy and infrastructure, insolvency and work law, investments and real estate transactions, public-private partnerships and public financing, taxes, transnational fiscal optimization and intellectual property.

The company is headed by Laurentiu Pachiu along with 4 partners and has a team of 20 lawyers. The firm joined this year the 170 members of Primerul International Society of Law Firms, becoming the only Romanian member of the prestigious law firm.