BrandTailors brings back into the present, with a new image, the Ambasador brand


BrandTailors, Romanian strategy and brand design agency, created for the Ambasador brand a new visual identity and a contemporary packaging design. The agency reconfigured Ambasador’s image through a process meant to reconfirm and consolidate brand’s positioning on the Romanian chocolate market.

Ambasador benefits of a high trust level among the consumers but, although it’s in Kandia Dulce portfiolio for a few decades, the brand dissapeared from store’s shelves, which made necessary to bring it back in the present, according to nowadays consumers demands.

A complex analysis of the brand in the present market environment showed that the new visual identity and the contemporary packaging design for Ambasador needed to be founded on the essential components of the brand – its masculine personality and the perception of its premium character.

The new visual identity of Ambasador, based on a chromatic selection of white, blue and gold, emphasizes on quality and preciosity perception of the brand and increases, in the same time, a normal tie with the endorser of the brand, Kandia. The packaging design, build on white fund and on a discreet brand manifestation, increases brands’ visual impact in store.

The purpose of the new packaging design is to bring in front the particularities that make from Ambasador an iconic brand. The clear graphics and the chromatic complementarity between the visual identity and the products’ image are the main elements that offer Ambasador a superior visibility in store, together with bringing it back into the reality.

Andreea Florea

Brand Strategy Coordinator

BrandTailors team that worked on this project are Anca Tazlaoanu and Andreea Florea – audit and brand strategy, Ovidiu Pop – visual identity and packaging design, Melania Moisi and Silviu Filipovici – packaging design, Alina Cranga and Cristina Ionescu – project management, Mihai Parpalea – image retouching and pre-print.

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