Alin Zainescu – the new Business Development Manager TradeAds Interactive

Digital & Media

Starting November 1st, Alin Zainescu is the new Business Development Manager of  TradeAds Interactive. In his new position, he will be responsible with getting new clients for the company.

Zainescu, 36 y.o., has over 15 years of experience in communication and PR and worked in mass media (Meridian, Baricada and Radio Romania), political communication (Right forces Union and Alliance for Romania), advertising (Ogilvy & Mather) and education (Communication and PR Faculty at SNSPA). Also, at SNSPA, Alin had the 1st online marketing and communication class, from 2001 to 2004.

In 2002, he founded New Media Agency, interactive agency now part of the group. During the same year, he initiated the press releases website (NCH), that has, nowadays, over 30,000 users. Also, he is now partner in 2 online projects: StatusPimp and mediaIQ.

In online advertising, we developed superior technologies to whatever was created until now in Romania, no matter if we are talking about AdServer technology or making more efficient to monetize in publishing. TradeAds  Interactive built the future’s elements in online advertising and we are trying to get those into the present.

There is now the moment for those technological accumulations to be better commercially monetized and this is Alin’s mission. We want that, based on our technology, any online campaign, no matter its nature, to be efficient and performant

Valentin Oeru

Executive Director TradeAds Interactive

For a long time, everybody says Internet is the future but, unfortunately, everything stays at declaration level, with the consequence of a small market. Most of the times, the basic instruments of online advertising aren’t used, the efficiency of the campaigns is small and the budgets remain small.

We will try to evangelize, to educate the market, in the sense of using the evolved technologies TradeAds Interactive adopted lately. There are extremely performant instruments, capable to bring efficiency to online communication campaigns. We will offer the agencies those instruments so that the final clients to be satisfied and the budgets to grow

Alin Zainescu

Business Development Manager TradeAds Interactive


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