Facebrands Pro launched e-mail alerts about performances on Facebook

Social Media

Facebrands.ro, Romanian Facebook pages monitoring service, launched an e-mail alert that allows receiving updated information about owned fan pages or competitors activities on Facebook. The e-mail alerts are only available for the clients that use the advanced analysis service Facebrands Pro.

The alerts can announce Facebrands Pro’s users about actions started on Facebook, such as a new tab, a new ad or a new campaign, for certain pages followed individually or for all pages in a certain category, info that they also find in pro.facebrands.ro, Intelligence section.

Both for owned pages and for competitors pages, the alerts can send by e-mail, daily or weekly, data about their health and performances.

The new alerts service is available for free inside Facebrands Pro subscriptions.

Facebrands.ro is monitoring now over 15,000 pages on Facebook, created by people or institutions (companies, NGO-s etc), showing the increase of fan numbers on days and weeks, compared to other pages in the same category.

Facebrands.ro is the service that monitors Romanian Facebook pages and was launched at the start of the year, by Standout and Byte Flux.