Personal care products, laptops and tablets, most wanted online buys

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Personal care products, laptops, tablets and appliances are on the first places in consumers preferences when it comes of buying intentions from online stores in december, according to an online study made by TradeAds Interactive, online advertising platform.

According to the study, 39.8% of the subjects said they intend to buy online personal care products, 29.4% mentioned laptops and tablets, 26% are interested in toys and children products and 23.7% look to buy phones.

The price, brands’ notoriety and technical specifications are also very important for online stores’ clients. Around 74% of the respondents said that they are taking the price in consideration when they decide to buy over internet, 49.4% say the brand is important and 32.5% are convinced to buy if the product has detailed technical specifications. Also, a quarter of respondents said they are also attracted by the offered discount.

The study was made by TradeAds Interactive’s research department, between 25 November – 5 December, and was commissioned by a Romanian online store. The study gathered data via an online form that included 15 questions, that was shown on 32 websites. The number of respondents was of 4,066.