UPDATED: “The cookie challenge” – good practices and regulations on behavioral advertising

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“The cooking challenge” seminary, scheduled for January 26th, was postponed and a new date will be announced in the following period. The postponing was made because the foreign speakers that were scheduled to talk during the event were unable to reach Bucharest, as their flights were cancelled as a result of the meteorological situation in Romania.

At this moment, Romania is under heavy snows and many flights from abroad, having Bucharest as a destination, were cancelled or detoured towards other Romanian.

The announcement regarding event’s postponing was announced on IAB Romania’s Facebook page.

Romanian Advertising Agencies Association (UAPR) and IAB Romania will host, on January 26th, a seminary dedicated to reglementations and good practices when it comes of behavioral advertising. The event has as speakers Dominic Lyle (General Manager EACA), Ionel Naftanaila (Project Manager OBA, IAB Europe) and Alin Popescu (Managing Director Avocatnet.ro)

During the seminary, the discussion themes of interest for online industry will be related to benefits of behavioral advertising and its impact on online marketing strategies,  a presentation and implication of self-regulation framework  (OBA Framework) made through the combine efforts of European industry to offer more info and make more transparent and easy to control advertising by user, implications and local technical and legal aspects of this self-regulation efforts and of behavioral advertising as a whole.

EACA (European Association of Communications Agencies) made a Good Practices guide for Behvioral Advertising to support the discussions regarding the implementation of European directives on e-privacy and online data protection. This guide is aimed to support the advertising industry.

IAB Romania was created in 2006 and reunites the most important companies in online advertising: media sales houses, advertising agencies, online advertising services providers and local publishers. IAB Romania is member of IAB Europe.