, an IE.9 – HTML5 project launched by MediaIq, X3 and Microsoft Romania

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Microsoft Romania, MediaIQ and X3 launched, a news aggregator that offers an unprecedented experience to users, mainly because of the Metro-inspired interface, that organizes the information in tiles, and also due to articles’ classification on categories and subjects.

This way, the content can be accessed in a more pleasant, useful and practic way by the user. The project is in Beta version and expects users’ feedback on Facebook and Twitter.

The website is developed in HTML 5 and offers the best user experience on Internet Explorer 9. The project will make its source code available on open-source, to present to designers and developers the ways to work and implement available web solutions in browser and mobile devices through HTML5, CSS3 and  JavaScript ECMAScript 5.

MediaIQ technology aims to action as a filter over the information river that floods the internet on daily basis. Our function to extract individuals, to categorize and summarize are only a few elements of the semantic technology behind this engine

Our clients from the press monitoring sector benefit of these advanced technologies and, by our continuous developing efforts, we want to find more interesting usage options in other areas.

Through project we want to apply as many of those technologies to try to answer a real necessity users have: being oversaturated with information and news articles. From the experiments we will run together with our colleagues from  X3, we will try to combine technological complex filtering area with a friendly interface, to ease the interactivity and to increase the practical usability of this filter

Daniel Enache

Media IQ

Stefan Szakal from X3 said that the beta launch of is a first step and the users feedback is very valuable, as there are still a lot of things to be implemented in the next period. According to him, among the things that are yet to be implemented are: extended compatibility with mobile devices (maybe even dedicated apps for each platform), customization of the content (users accounts), media files integration (images, videos etc) at subjects and articles level, new ways to visualize the content (different from Mozaic and List available in present).

The purpose of client technologies HTML5, CSS3 and  JavaScript ECMAScript 5 that we are betting on are to standardize user interfaces with them both on browsers but also on mobile devices. From here we also understand the value of native apps, due to multiple hardware improvements available today from the smallest mobile devices to PCs to workstations. That is why we will continue to develop the project, in order to proof the reusage of the source code in developing native apps for the new Windows 8, starting from functionalities available today in browser and mobile devices through HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript ECMAScript 5

Petru Jucovschi

Developer Evangelist Microsoft Romania

MediaIQ is teh 1st media intelligence service in Romania that offers the clear perspective of a brand position, no matter it is a commercial or political one. MedaiIQ offers acces to thousands of mass media and social media sources, automated summaries, complex analysis and competitive graphics on notoriety, performance and context in which a brand is presented by media sources. Among MediaIQ’s clients there are companies such as BRD – Societe Generale, Baumax, Marriott Hotels, PayU Epayment or  Bitdefender.

X3 is a creative studio founded in 2001 in Timisoara. Among the services X3 offers there are branding, print design, advertising creation and, as a main, interactive design.  X3 portfolio includes over 500 projects made for international clients and over 150 projects for Romanian clients. Among the most important awards won by X3 are Rebrand 100 Awards, Eulda, LogoLounge, Design&Design and FWA.