IAB Romania to organize a seminary on juridical aspects for digital marketing

Digital & Media

IAB Romania organizes, on March 6th, “Juridical fundaments for digital marketing”, a seminary held by Alin Popescu from Avocatnet.ro.

Alin Popescu is a lawyer specialized in informatics law and Managing Director AvocatNet. He started consultance for companies with online presence 8 years ago and he worked with most of the important online players on Romanian market. He is actively involved in Romanian online industry and is also Managing Partner at  LegalNET SRL, the company that administrates the biggest online juridical network in Romania, including Avocatnet.ro.

In a general context when legislative and juridical aspects are intertwining more and more with the digital medium, it is important for all the actors involved in creating and developing communication strategies to know and to consider how national legislation or European regulations can interfere with their running campaigns and influence their success.

The seminary will have diferent participation fees for members and non-members.

Among the subjects to be covered by the seminary, the discussions will focus on:

  1. Introduction in the internet/media/advertising legislation – with presentation of the Romanian legislation, the way laws apply when the actors are in different countries and info regarding juridical projects / law that are yet to be approved
  2. Copyright protection – with info about copyright and what this means online, copyright in publishing, including blogs, photos and their copyright and copyright for User Generated Content
  3. Personal data protection – what is personal data, what personal data operators must do and practical examples
  4. Advertising / solds and online contests – Advertising regulation in Romania, advertising for special products (smokes, alchool), reglementations for sales or solds, online contests’ rules, advertising contracts (agency-client /agency-publisher / client – publisher)
  5. Juridical aspects in permission marketing – email marketing campaigns

This seminary is an entire day one and will take place at IAB Romania’s headquarters.