Valentine’s Day in Romanians’ Google searches

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Romanians start looking the perfect Valentine’s presents online, via Google Searches, starting from January, according to a Google Romania’s analysis, that shows that this trend was registered in the last 3 years, with any  exception from the rule in 2012.

According to Google data, in 2011, Romanians spent time online looking for a present for a while before Valentine’s, with a spike in searches a week before it. In 2012, the spike in searches for Valentine’s was on February 10th.

Women are the most interested in finding the perfect present for their partner, as Google analysis shows, most searches using terms such as “presents for him”, “presents lover”, “presents men”. Romanian men are trying their best though, with their interest in ordering flowers and chocholate traditionally increasing in February, with a spectacular jump this year.

In general terms, any special occasion is reflected by a search number increase, as Romanians are using Google for ideas and suggestions of any kind. That is why, both on Valentine’s Day and Dragobete, we see an increased number of searches of typical words, such as  presents for him/her, presents ideas, love messages, ideas for messages and others. Obviously, for any online business that can offer a suggestion or a product to meet these demands, this moment represents an extra opportunity. For sure in this period, if they find an offer they like, consumers will buy  faster and more following the respective offer

A simple recommendation in this period is creating a special page for the occasion or defining clearly a section in the main page, and also targeting with Adwords of a broader list of key words, that would include also the ones related to the special occasion

Bogdana Butnar

Industry Manager Google Romania

Romanians have their own Valentine’s, Dragobete, celebrated on February 24th. Last years, Google searches showed a bigger interest for Dragobete but, this year, at least until now, Valentine’s seems to have taken the lead.