Facebook representatives – in Romania for AllThingsFacebook

Marketing, Social Media

Two representatives from Facebook will be present, on March 20th, to  AllThingsFaceboook conference, organized by Evensys and that will take place at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bucharest.

The event will gather together local and international professionals and Facebook specialists and will offer the opportunity for sharing ideas, news and visions, but also to analyze trends and case studies in order to have a better understanding of Facebook phenomena.

The conference will focus on the social network, but also on consumers, brands, models and innovative marketing approaches in online.

From Facebook, at the conference there will be present Rob Kiely, Account Manager EMEA, Global Marketing Solutions and  Alessandro Petrilli, CEEMEA Client Partner, Global Marketing Solutions.

Rob Kiely works in online marketing since 2005 and has a rich experience with known brands and agencies. He worked for Google in Dublin and joined recently Global Marketing Solutions team at Facebook, focusing on Europe and Middle East markets.

Alessandro Petrili joined Facebook in March 2010 and is responsible for developing the sales strategy of the network in CEE and Middle East. During his career, he worked for companies such as Bacardi, Vodafone Italy, Sony Ericsson, GAM and IBM.

It is an unique occasion and a first in Romania to have together at the same conference Facebook representatives, together with international specialists and local speakers. Facebook became an important part of the marketing mix and that is why this conference aims to answer all questions and explain all unclear things marketers might still have

Cristian Manafu

Managing Partner Evensys

Facebook is the biggest social network in Romania, with over 4.2M active accounts and over 6.2M monthly unique visitors. The average Romanian Facebook user has around 115 friends, spent 66 minutes on Facebook per session in February and entered the platform 3.5 times a day. From 5 Romanians, 4 are using Facebook as main social network.

The event targets marketing professionals from companies and interactive and new media agencies.

AllThingsFacebook is organized by Evensys together with Thinkdigital and  Republika Interactive.