iPlan powered by The Network – the best strategic planning program with zero costs for participants


In an economical environment where companies must administrate their resources more careful, the benefits for strategic planning are more and more obvious, as managers are acting on diminished markets with smaller budgets and have difficulties in making more for less without loosing resources.

In these conditions, The Network lends a helping hand to help coping with this acute efficient structuring need via iPlan, the best program for strategic planning for managers and entrepreneurs. iPlan is using the best tools in the world, Strategic Driver and Markstrat.

Strategic planning is one of the most essential processes that do not have to miss from an organization, no matter we are talking about a private or public one; the lack of this fundamental process has a major opportunity cost: company’s existence on long term

Eusediu Margasoiu

Consultant Strategy & Marketing The Network

The program lasts 2 years and is completly free. In all, 3,000 will be evaluated regarding the strategic planning competencies and 1,000 will be selected and benefit of the strategic planning seminary, a customized development plan and follow-up evaluation.

Strategic Driver is a diagnose instrument for strategic planning competencies for the job or activity made the moment it is filled in. It measures 75 behaviours considered to be essential in the managerial process of strategic planning. Developed by Behavioural Science Systems, UK & Ireland and Prof. Robin Stuart Kotze and validated by London School of Economics, Strategic Driver is used by important companies  (Oracle, Ford, HSBC, BNP Paribas, Johnson & Johnson, British Telecom, Mercedes-Benz, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Eli Lilly, and others) and by governmental organizations such is The Royal Mail (UK).

Markstrat is an online simulation made to teach strategic marketing concepts, very efficient in learning strategic concepts such as : brands portfolio strategy, segmentation and positioning strategy. Its validation is a result of its usage by most of  Fortune Top 500 companies, by over  500 academical institutions among which the first 8 of the top 10 international business schools (Stanford, London Business School, MIT, UCLA, INSEAD, IESE) and by 25 from the top business schools in US.

With a market value of Euro 1,000 per participant, iPlan program is free for the ones that manage to get over the selection steps and is co-financed from Social European Fund.

Entering the program is made on the website www.i-plan.ro and, following getting over the selection steps, the participants will benefit of a free 3 days seminar during which they will receive a customized  developement plan for strategic planning competencies, covering 1 year.

The Network, that implements the program, is managed by Eusediu Margasoiu and Cristina Gheorghe, consultants well recognized by Romanian marcomm, both with over 15 years of experience in management, marketing and strategy.