Partial results BR2011: Over Euro 415,000 invested in blog campaigns in Romania

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Costin Cocioaba, owner of blog, made public today, during Social Media Summit Bucharest (organized by Biz Magazine), the partial results of Romanian Blogosphere 2011 (BR11) survey.

According to the partial results, the ¬†campaigns on blogs during 2011 totalled Euro 415,000 and included paid articles (32%), display (23%), affiliate marketing (17%) and special projects (15%). Most of the money invested in blogosphere go to a top 25 bloggers, with a “professional” Romanian blogger being able to earn between Euro 800-3,000 per month.

Among the bloggers that answered the survey by now, a third consider their blog an income source, 2% make a living from blogging, 14% got jobs following their blogging activity and 37% got incentives (products and services) from companies for their blogging.

As Costin explained during his presentation at SMS Bucharest, the results that were made public are only preliminary and show the trend, with full results of the study to be available after it gathers answers from 800 bloggers. Until now, the survey gathered answers from 500+ bloggers.

The most discussions regarding the presentations were generated by the estimated value of budgets attracted by bloggers, with some estimating the real figure might even be double.

Although the budgets were of most interest, the partial results of the study also showed that the Romanian blogger is male, aged 18-44 y.o., living in Bucharest and having superior education.

BR2011 also found out that most bloggers that answered the survey by now (over 50%) started blogging between 2007-2009, mostly personal blogs (85%), allocating for their blogs 1 to 3 hours daily.

When it comes of providing content for their blogs, 33% write almost every day and 20% write daily. Also, 37% of them post on blogs more than 30 articles per month and 67% published materials or moderated comments from their mobile phones. On Romanian blogs, the articles are text (81%), photo (76%) or video (35%).

Among the Romanian bloggers, 45% have their own hosting and more than 50% own a domain. In terms of investments on own blogs, bloggers spend money mainly for hosting and domain (48%), marketing&advertising (10%) and editors (3%).

The entire presentation follows.