Brandient, BrandTailors and Seed Consultants, appreciated at Rebrand 2012


Seed Consultants obtained 2 distinctions – Merit and Notable diplomas – at Rebrand 2012, with projects made for Scandia and Hert Design, while another 2 Romanian branding cosultancies – Brandient and BrandTailors – obtained a Distinction and, respectively, a Merit Diploma with projects made for Bitdefender and Naturlich.

This way, in 2012, Seed Consultants is the only Romanian agency that comes home with 2 distinctions at Rebrand, for clients such as Scandia Food and Hert Design.

According to Rebrand website, the challenge for Seed Consultants for Scandia Food was to effectively integrate the brand tradition and the positive equity of the organization into the new business strategy as to communicate a modern corporation, focused on consumer’s needs.

After rebranding, the new  Scandia Food brand is centered on a redefined brand strategy, brand architecture, unique tone of voice, and a fresh visual identity, all anchored in the new brand promise: “Life full of flavor”.  The new visual identity retains elements from the previous logo by using type letters and the red color, as a reminder of the company’s tradition, while incorporating new and differentiating elements.

As a result of the rebranding and reorganization of the entire operations, Scandia Food increased sales by 19 % and the profit at more then $1 million. The new corporate brand plays an endorser role on product communications, and acts as the strategic and creative point of reference for all corporate initiatives.

Seed Consultants‘ team working on this project included Dochita Zenoveiov and Roxana Iancu – Brand Strategy, Raluca Beldiman – Brand Designer, Vladimir Martinus – Project Manager and Catalina Vulpe – Project Executive.

The second Rebrand 2012 awarded project from Seed Consultants was made for Hert Design, with the agency having the mission to create the brand strategy and visual brand platform to convey the strenght of Hert Design: creativity, flawless execution and a specific way of interacting with customer, through a special and friendly approach.

An internal audit revealed that the essence of Hert Design lies in creating experiences, stories and feelings generated by the objects and products, around which the whole interior is expressed. The brand platform was structured around the promise to stimulate creativity, to provoke dreams and to enhance the customer’s ideas. The visual identity concept is based on the pencil form, which basically articulates the entire construction of the logo; a line drawn by the pencil highlights the composition.

Positive effects of the branding process are seen both in terms of profitability and sales, which increased by almost 30%, and an employees number increase by 15%, which necessitated a relocation of the studio.

The agency team working on this project included Dochita Zenoveiov – Managing Director, Roxana Iancu – Senior Brand Consultant, Raluca Beldiman – Brand Designer and Catalina Vulpe – Project Executive.

Also at Rebrand 2012, BrandTailors was awarded a Merit Diploma for Naturlich rebranding, made for Larix, one of the most important Romanian furniture manufacturers.

BrandTailors built the branding solution upon a few elements: product diversity/availability, supporting services effectiveness and a pleasant shopping experience.  The new brand idea was to eliminate the word “no” from the conversations with customers and prospects. The brand positioning—the “German” store with a “Romanian” soul—conveys the perfect synergy between the German-like products and the shop assistants’ assertiveness.

The brand name came naturally – “Naturlich” – bringing together both attributes expressed by the German phonetics on the one side and the brand concept, on the other (“naturlich” meaning “of course”).

The rebranding program has decisively contributed to the registered growth of the retail chain, in the context of decreased sales realized by the overall category. Moreover, both internal and external stakeholders’ positive feedback was very enthusiastic.

Brandtailor‘s team working on the rebranding project included Andreea Florea – Brand Strategy Coordinator, Beatrice Danis – Brand Strategist, Anca Tazlaoanu – Brand Consultant, Ovidiu Pop – Creative Director and Ionut Militaru – Former Account Executive.

Awarded at Rebrand 2012 was also Brandient, that received a  Distinction for Bitdefender’s rebranding.

According to Rebrand’s website, the challange Brandient had to answer to was to craft a modern Bitdefender brand, to match new product’s outstanding performance, global reputation and growth prospects. The main challenge was to chose between a multinational, rootless image of the company, as opposed to an indication of its national origins. The weak nation brand was a deterrent for the latter option, although the leadership and the talent are still mostly Romanian.

The strategic solution was the toughest answer to the challenge: to build a powerful, international brand but with a strong hint to its national origins. In order to circumvent the weak country brand, a mix of ancient values with present relevance were deftly brought to the game. The legendary Dragon-Wolf guarded the Dacian (old Romanian) people in their wars and has come to stand for resilient defense. The modern interpretation of the ancient symbol completes the brand promise with sleekness, making the brand relevant to digital society, while the new brand slogan “Awake” completes the idea of continuing protection.

The archetypal symbol was given two shapes: a 3D avatar, for establishing a bond with the consumers’ minds, and a highly abstractive symbol for representing the new chapter in the history of the Bitdefender organization.

The rebranding process took almost two years and was a profound process of self-discovery for the Bitdefender team, that managed to better understand their achievements and to ground their business decisions on the new established values.

 Brandient team working on the project included Aneta Bogdan – Strategy, Cristian “Kit” Paul – Creative Director and Cristian “Kit” Paul, Bogdan Dumitrache, Ciprian Badalan, Eugen Erhan, Cristian Petre and Iancu Barbarasa – designers.

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