RoBlogFest 2012 – ready, steady, go!

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The 7th edition of RoBlogFest, festival that awards Romanian blogs in different categories, started the entry period, during which the public will nominate the best Romanian blogs. The blogs to compete this year can be entered until March 20th, with the voting process scheduled to start on March 22nd. According to RoBlogFest, the 1st round of voting will take place from March 22nd to March 27th, while the second round will be between March 29th – April 3rd.

RoBlogFest organizers are also encouraging bloggers to enter their own blogs, as the spirit of the festival is to find out and know as many cool blogs as possible and to socialize live at the awards gala and party.

For the moment, the day and the place where the Awards gala and the following party will take place weren’t announced, but on April 7th and the organizers are promising some surprizes.

One of the  novelties of this edition is the adding of parenting blogs section within the popular votes section.

Also, a new added section is the one for websites, as bloggers are reading not only blogs, but also Romanian websites. The aim is to find out which are the most popular websites in Romanian online, as ones that are periodically read by bloggers, no matter if they are generalist, specialized, social networks and so on.

This year’s edition is supported by Orange –  main sponsor- and Petrom.


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