Guinness and its consumers set the World Record for “The Largest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration” Ever

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On March 17,  people around the world reunited for St. Patrick’s Day, the celebration which, for the first time ever, went down in history as “The Largest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration” thanks to the efforts of 435,456 legal drinking age Guiness fans.

Over the past month, Guinness has invited adult fans of St. Patrick’s Day and the brand to participate in the Guiness World Records (GWR) attempt, either by pledging online that they would responsibly celebrate with a pint of the dark stuff this St. Patrick’s Day or by joining Guiness celebrations on March 17, 2012.

To verify that the celebrations on March 17, 2012 officially comprised “The Largest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration” making it one of the greatest St. Patrick’s Days ever, GWR has spent the past 12 hours painstakingly counting the number of online pledges and the number of people attending St Patrick’s Day celebrations around the world for two GWR titles: the “most pledges received for a campaign” and the “Largest St Patrick’s Day celebration.”

Setting the GWR title truly goes to show the loyalty and pride of Guinness  fans throughout the world (…) Every day is worthy of raising a pint responsibly, but a toast is always extra special on St. Patrick’s Day, and we were happy that this year we could toast with so many.

Doug Campbell,

Guiness Brand Director.

With 435,456 legal drinking age fans joining the campaign, GWR has confirmed a new record has been set, making this year’s celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day officially the world’s “Largest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration.”