BrandTailors creates Rancho, the only Romanian “men-only” ready meals brand


BrandTailors – strategic brand consulting and design firm – created Rancho, Scandia Food’s ready meals brand designed exclusively for men.

Remarkable by means of its addressability, the new brand created by BrandTailors for Scandia Food is a premiere on the Romanian “ready meals” market. Aiming to innovate this product category, Rancho was created to satisfy men’s specific consumer needs – satiety, high meat content, intense and spicy taste – from the perspective of both product types and, especially, that of the images attributed to them.

With such clear addressability, Rancho manages to induce a series of strong associations, like the roughness of character, masculinity and a powerful ego, within the target consumers – men. By opening up towards a yet unexplored segment of the Romanian food industry, through the creation of Rancho, we managed to trigger the need to differentiate the consumer  categories and their specific needs in order to generate new premises for growth in the FMCG categories

Anca Tazlaoanu,

Brand Consultant

By making use of vivid colors and westerns-inspired graphic elements – the leather belt, the buckle, the gun holster – Rancho’s package design offers distinctiveness to the products while the visual identity, and its  disposition as a line of separation between the product images and the denominators it highlights, ensures the brand’s high shelf-impact and degree of recall.

Graphic elements like the hot peppers, used as symbols for bullets, complete the brand’s distinct, western character, stressing on Rancho’s unique masculine traits and reflecting its defining attribute to the consumers – the intensity and spiciness of its taste.

Silviu Filipovici

Senior Brand Designer

BrandTailors’ team that worked on the project are Anca Tazlaoanu – brand consulting, Silviu Filipovici – visual identity and package design, Mihai Parpalea – image retouching and preproduction processing. Ionut Militaru – former Account Executive of the agency was also involved in the project.