Cohn&Jansen JWT and Aqua Carpatica, in campaign to change Water’s Law in Romania


Cohn&Jansen JWT and Aqua Carpatica launched their first CSR campaign to change Water’s Law in Romania, using the slogan “Returning to purity” in order to change the legislation that regulates mineral waters market.

The campaign aims to convince people to vote the change of Water Law, with Aqua Carpatica supporting the law initiative that demands the introduction of water’s ingredients on the label.

The campaign runs above the line and online, from March 15th to May 15th. Aqua Carpatica’s initiative gathered, in 2 weeks, over 30,000 signatures to support the law and aimed also to make people aware that mineral water that doesn’t have the proper amount of nitrites is a danger for kids.

Also, according to a press release, the campaign also has a number of supporters, among which Marius Urzica, Olympic champion, Cristian China-Birta, Blogger, Andreea Raicu, TV presenter and model, and others.

The team from Cohn&Jansen JWT working on the campaign included Andrei Cohn – Creative Director, Raluca Iacob – Senior Strategic Planner, Arina Stoenica – Account Manager, Gina Zgubea – Online Project Manager.