Supreme Balance ad, signed by Leo Burnett Romania for Rio Bucovina

Ads, Creativity

Leo Burnett Romania recently launched “Supreme Balance” TV ad for Bucovina brand (Rio Bucovina), a spot made following a creative pitch the agency won last year.

We developed the ad’s idea for Bucovina starting from product’s and demographic realities, than following some logic steps: Bucovina water has an optimum content of minerals, balanced, and people living in this area are calm, peaceful, with an balanced lifestyle. Starting from the 2 realities, the continuation was only normal: Bucovina people are balanced because they  drink Bucovina water. Going even further, the idea of the ad reached to a handy conclusion: even the most recognized universally for their balance come to Bucovina to find out the secret of “supreme balance”. This is how we came to have a shaolin master on Romanian lands to learn what balance really means (…) .

Practically, the shaolin came to learn the rhythm of Bucovinean life and is a spot of color (…) transforming communication in a fresh and lively one

Andrei Munteanu

Copywriter Leo Burnett

From the 1st presentation, we realized Leo Burnett’s proposal was exactly what answered perfectly to brief’s demands. A beautiful idea implemented though an approach that helps us to reach a younger target and to get a favorable attitude towards Bucovina brand not only from traditional consumers, but also from niche ones, interested by a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families, eager to be always in good shape and to obtain harmony between mind, body and soul, although they are, in the same time, strongly anchored in the tradition evoked by product’s name. Also, we appreciated the tone of the campaign and the increased attention to details. We had, this way, all the needed ingredients for a campaign that cannot run unnoticed

Camelia Hoinarescu

Marketing Director Rio Bucovina

Leo Burnett Romania’s team involved in this campaign included Carmen Tiderle – Creative Director, Tudor Cuciuc – Creative Director, Andrei Munteanu – Copywriter, Victor Oprisan – Art Director, Monica Radulescu – Strategic Planning Director, Andreea Boaca – Brand Communication Director, Andra Tivichi – Brand Communication Manager, Sorin Deleanu – A/V Producer.

Production house was Family Film, with Razvan Marculescu – Director, DOP – Alex Sterian, Smaranda Sterian – producer, Raluca Ioanovici – scenography, and Ciresica Cuciuc – costumes.