Orange – 10 years of presence as brand on Romanian market

Business, Marketing

Orange has 10 years since it launched as brand on Romanian market, after Dialog and Alo turned into Orange.

According to a press release, company’s prognosis on Romanian market were constantly surpassed by the significant increase of clients number, with 50% increased only from 2002 to 2003 and with over 123% increase in 2004.

Orange focuses on 5 simple values: simple, open, surprising, dynamic and honest. Over the 10 years of presence in Romania, Orange launched a series of firsts on the market, among which Orange Thank You program, MMS service, Orange movie, 3G technology, special offers for juniors and seniors, HD Voice service and the highest speed mobile internet.

At 10 years anniversary, Orange started a campaign that completes the internal volunteering  program “you for community”, in which the company gives a day off to employees that want to involve in volunteering activities. The initiative is part of Orange’s CSR strategy and encourages the employees to enter projects Orange supports already or in other projects.