Martin Zouhar is the new Creative Leader at Cocoon Bucharest

Branding, Profiler

European branding specialized group Cocoon Group appointed Martin Zouhar as the new Creative Leader of Group’s agency branch in Bucharest.

Martin graduated Tomas Bata University in  Zlin (Moravia) and has over 10 years of experience on design projects. Previously to joining Cocoon Bucarest, he worked for Cocoon in Prague and as Senior Designer. He worked on projects for companies such as Nestlé, La Lorraine, Procter&Gamble, Hamé and Ahold (Albert).

Martin Zouhar’s appointment is an important and decesive step for the next step of agency’s services expansion on Romanian market. Our intention is that, together with Martin, to shape up a powerfull and independent designers team in Romania as, in this moment, the design market is stabilizing and clients are looking for flawless quality services

Petr Báča

Managing Partner Cocoon Group

A creative leader with experience in working with international brands, but that also have a fresh and original vision, can make the difference between the services offered by Cocoon and other players in the market, that are using exclusively local resources

Simona Straut

Managing Director Cocoon Bucharest

Cocoon Group is an award-winning international branding agency offering a full selection of branding services; from unparalleled strategic expertise through 2D and 3D design, artwork, mock-ups, pre-press services, and print management. The Cocoon Group network has offices in Prague, Moscow, Bucharest, and The Hague, working for a variety of clients, including the world’s leading companies as well as leading regional and local players.