Interactive voting app from UPC Romania, for TV contests


UPC Romania launches a new option for its clients, an interactive app that its HDTV clients can use to vote directly with their remote. This way, UPC clients that are watching Pro TV’s show “Romanians have talent” can support their favorites in the competition by pressing the red button of their UPC remote.

The interactive app developed by UPC suits the format of any TV contest show based on viewers vote and can be customized to fit any TV format. The launch of the app comes to complete the other options UPC clients have to enjoy interactivity (a subscription-based online gaming portal and the advanced search function, based on key words).

Out digital TV offer gives to the clients diversity, flexibility, customization and interactivity. We know how important are all of those and that is why we permanently come up with solutions that bring new experiences. We wish our services to simplify clients lives, so that they can enjoy fully all the advantages of the digital world. Our digital TV platform allows us to offer adjacent services, such as this interactive app. This way, UPC clients can involve actively in what they are watching on TV, enjoying the full experience of watching a program

Severina Pascu

CEO UPC Romania

The interactive app is simplifying the voting process for UPC clients that are watching TV contests based on vote. For example, for “Romanians have talent”, during the voting sessions, a “Vote now” red button will appear on UPC’s clients screens. The viewers can press the red button on the remote and chose, by using the arrow buttons, the person they want to vote for. To confirm their vote, the viewers must introduce a PIN code.

The app is available since April 6th, with a price per vote of Euro 1.24 (VAT included). The clients can vote on their remote daily, until they reach a Euro 30 limit/day.

UPC Romania is a cable communication company that has over 1,1M clients in 200 Romanian towns. UPC Romania is affiliated to Liberty Global,.