Okazii.ro – from one bike sold online to countless items, 12 years later

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Okazii.ro, the biggest Romanian e-commerce site, will be 12 years old on April 15th, having now over 3.7M Romanians that use it to buy and sell different things.

We are celebrating 12 years together. From one year to another, the number of Romanians that access Okazii.ro increases. Romanians are looking, buying, selling and following the best deals for them, a habit that they respect. The proof of Romanians increased interest for Okazii.ro is the time they spend on the website. Only in 2011, the time users spend on Okazii.ro was  1,843 years, almost 2 millenia dedicated to searching of the best deals

Costin Cadelcu,

Marketing Manager Okazii.ro

The 1st item sold on Okazii.ro 12 years ago was a Pegas bike, sold by an user from Brasov. In 2001, the same website was selling online the 1st phone in Romania. During all its years on the market, Okazii.ro was the place for 1st online sales for camera mobile phones, iPods, iPhones, tablets and even Kindles.

Okazii.ro had on sales, at the end of its 1st year on the market (2000), around 5,000 products. Now, the e-commerce website sells over 1.4M items. Also, almost 4M Romanians found on the website a place to sell and buy safely anything they want.