Grapefruit made Aqua Carpatica’s new website

Branding, Digital & Media

Romanian digital and branding agency Grapefruit made the website for Aqua Carpatica mineral water, after it won a pitch for creative solutions that saw competing more digital agencies.

The website is using the same minimalist design and chromatic specific to the product and communicates product’s positioning as the only no-nitrites natural mineral water in the world.

The visual concept started from the idea that water’s purity, both as a substance and as source. Through the navigation way on the website, animations and graphical elements used, we wanted to offer users a captivating experience, that will transmit, besides content’s clear messages , the values of Aqua Carpatica brand at sensorial level: purity, quality, health

Cristina Poncu

Web Designer Grapefruit

The visual concept of the website and the way it was adapted to Valvis Holding’s (owner of Aqua Carpatica brand) requirements are the things that mattered in company’s decision to work with Grapefruit in developing the website.

Besides anything, we appreciated design’s creativity, matching Aqua Carpatica’s brief and philosophy, and the out of the box solutions Grapefruit came up with. We aim to have a well-documented informational platform for what Aqua Carpatica represents, beyond the branding objectives

Valentina Vesler

PR Manager Valvis Holding

The objectives of the website are: positioning on the mineral water market as an innovative, cool and trendy brand, increasing brand notoriety and affinity among young people (mainly young professionals and adolescents) and educating target groups on health aspects.

Graphically, Valvis Holding’s representatives wanted a minimalist approach, with creating the impression of movement and transparency, fluid lines and colors to evoke water’s purity. From navigational point of view, the attention went to interactivity and ergonomy.

The main target public for the website includes young professionals (20-45 y.o.) living in urban areas and preoccupied by health and food. The secondary target is represented by young people that are assaulted on daily basis by messages from soft drinks, junk food, snaks&kracks brands and that start seeing the effects of these products on their colleagues. Both categories of targeted publics are using internet on daily basis and trust more what they find out from their friends or from forums than what they see on TV; they also like interactivity.

Absolute purity is the main message in brand’s communication, completed by themes on healthy lifestyle, trends and innovation.

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