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AdVenture is handling the campaign to promote Revigrip, cough syrup from Solacium Pharma – A&D Pharma, after it won the account following a pitch.

To communicate the product, AdVenture focused on its special composition and used the insight to build its strategy.

Starting from the recipe, we positioned Revigrip as the cough syrup with the most complete composition, focusing on product’s efficiency. We modified the logo and added to it the brand promise – Treats well – and we created a joyful and original campaign that asks the public to make jokes, tell stories, sing and enjoy beautiful days instead of coughing. “Sing, make jokes, tell stories. You don’t cough” is a campaign strategically tailored to differentiate Revigrip from the other similar products and to generate favorably among people with its optimist, joyful and atypical note for such a product The differentiation was also made through the main channel used, online. Revigrip is the 1st cough syrup that had the courage to invest 90% of the budget in a mix centered on online, with a Facebook component. In the same context, Revigrip made, together with CSID, the 1st live open medical-themed seminary. The seminary (…) was moderated by  Oana Cuzino and has a numerous and active audience, the online and offline public interacting with event’s speakers (…)

Violeta Marinescu

Client Service Director AdVenture


When you aim to grow a product in a very competitive market, with a lot of players, powerful and old on the market, some think you are an optimist, some think you’re crazy. We aimed to grow and we managed! We increased out sales towards pharmacies by 87% compared to the same period of last year.

The start was a bit difficult, until we got to know each other and become friends. Afterwards, the things ran smoothly. It was like we were working with AdVenture team for a very long time – we had the same ideas, the same desire to be different. Both the Facebook campaign and the presence on Mediafax Group’s website were seen and liked. We are looking forward to start the campaign for the next season. We will come up with surprises for sure

Madalina Constantin

Senior Brand Manager Solacium Pharma

AdVenture team involved in the project included Daniela Habara – Copywriter, Alin Dumitrescu – Art Director, Ioana Tene – Account Manager, Violeta Marinescu – Client Service Director and  Stefan Popescu – Media Director.