Trusted brands 2012: Romanians are loyal to brands that won their trust

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Trusted Brands 2012, study made by Reader’s Digest in Romania and other 15 European countries, shows that Romanians are, more than the rest of Europeans, loyal to the brands that managed to win their trust. That is also why, for most of categories, the leaders are the same, no matter the changes that happen on the market. Moreover, the leaders are keeping their place and consolidate their position from a year to another.

In top are categories like dairies (Danone , +10% compared to 2011), Skin care products (Nivea, +9%), tourism agencies, private clinics and vitamins (Paralela 45, Medlife and  Eurovita, each with over 8% increase compared to 2011). There are also brands that managed to stay leaders in trust top for many years like Philips (Home Apparel), Nestle (breakfast cereals) or Visa (credit card). The only leader change produced in insurances category, with Astra Asigurari assuming the leader position in 2012, surpassing Asirom when it comes of perception and trust.

After the Romanian brands come in the spotlight strongly in 2010, 2012 shows that Romanians trust more and more the local brands: Dacia(from 16,5% in 2010 to 21% in 2012), and Borsec (a 13% increase). Other Romanian brands that showed relevant increases are Untdelemn de la Bunica, Vel Pitar and Petrom.


According to Trusted Brands 2012, when it comes in institutions, Romanian’s trust increased considerably compared to 2012 (Marriage, Church, Government, Banks).

The results show that Romanians trust more in 2012 in Government (+7% compared to 2011), Justice (5%), banks (+46% compared to 2011).

Most trusted professionals are fire fighters (93%), pilots (90%) and pharmacists (79%), while the less trustworthy are, according to the top, politicians (3% trust them), care dealers (14%) and football players (16%).

After 7 years in which we analyzed Romanians’ trust in local and international brands, I am happy to be able to speak about the already “traditional” winners of Trusted Brands study. Romanians showed that, once a brand manages to win their trust, it can count on their loyalty. Another aspect Romanian consumers showed us is that, more than in the other European countries, an important role in choosing certain brands is played by advertising. Numbers speak for themselves: 29% Romanians trust advertising, compared tp 13% – the European average(…)

Florin Petrescu

Country Manager Reader’s Digest Romania

The study was made by correspondence, in 15 European countries, and is based on 226,325 questionnaires that included questions with open answers. The study is available also on a dedicated website.