First Romanian Dove campaign with no casting, signed by Cohnandjansen JWT

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“Dove captures the beauty” is the 1st campaign made by CohnandJansen JWT for Dove. The agency had the mission to adapt Dove’s global platform to Romanian culture and market and to build the campaign according to how Romanian women perceive themselves.

CohnandJansen worked with Romanian photographer Cosmin Bumbut and surprised Romanian women’s beauty on the street, in different moments of the day. For 55 days, there were visited 6 Romanian towns (Bucuresti, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Timisoara, Constanta) and, following photo sessions, a collection of 88 photos was gathered.

During the 2 months of campaign, Dove surprised Romanian women’s beauty in 3 TV spots and different press ads.

The collection of photos is available online, on campaign’s dedicated website

Dove pitch was one of the most beautiful projects I worked on and we were happy that the way we considered relevant to approach beauty in Romania for Dove was also the one chosen by the client

Ana-Maria Olaru

Strategic Planner CohnandJansen JWT

CohnandJansen JWT team working on the campaign included Ana-Maria Olaru – Senior Strategic Planner, Alex Negoescu – Copywriter, Mona Petre – Senior Art Director, Nadejda Ghilca – Junior Art Director and Monica Roca – Account Manager.

The client was involved with a team involving Alma Ivanoiu – Senior Brand Manager Dove Masterbrand, Oana Davidoglu – Marketing Manager Personal Care Category and Dan Oprescu – Marketing Director.