Adnaliser, launched in beta version by TradeAds Interactive

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TradeAds Interactive launched, as a 1st on Romanian online market, an innovative instrument to measure communication campaigns’ efficiency. Adnaliser is based on a mechanism that establishes the degree of visibility for the banners used in a campaign.

Adnaliser introduces on Romanian online advertising market the concept of “visible impressions”, that designate the number of banner seen effectively by the internet user. Following researches and preliminary studies, TradeAds team got to the conclusion that 40% of delivered banners are never seen by internet users.

The parameters used to establish the visibility degree for banners are: percentage from the medium banner surface seen by user and the time he was exposed to it. The mechanism Adnaliser is based on is collecting, through a Java Script code, info on the way the banner is acting on the website. Adnaliser evaluares and reports each impression in the real context of the process.

We wanted to bring this concept of visible impresions also on Romanian online market, considering that, at European level, there are few products that apply a technology similar to the our software’s one. We think Adnaliser will contribute to online communication campaigns efficiency, when the advertisers and publishers will find out which is the real number of views registered per campaign. And, as the statistics show not only in our country, but also on other markets, their number is pretty small

Valentin Oeru

Executive Director TradeAds Interactive

In the following period, we will  introduce in this instrument one more criteria of measuring and evaluation: analysis of online campaign in GRP terms. This way, we hope we will bring even closer online communication to the marketing market. Measuring audience’s level and comparing it with TV audience is the next normal step in planning and analyzing online communication campaigns

Valentin Oeru

The purpose of Adnaliser is to provide to the categories of publics directly interested in optimizing online advertising campaigns specific reports on the exact number of impressions the campaigns’ banners are providing.

According to TradeAds, the advertisers and advertising agencies can use Adnaliser to efficiently manage communication campaigns budgets, to obtain info on the people that see the banners in campaigns (demographic data), to control the way the message reaches to the public. For publishers, using Adnaliser helps with maximising the online advertising areas, earn advertisers trust in investing in certain parts of their websites, serving the ads during a continuous competition for a better position of the banner on site.

Adnaliser can be used, for the moment, only in beta version. At the launch, TradeAds Interactive announced it offers 20 vouchers of Euro 50 each to interested people writing a message on, between May 10th and June 6th.