3 Communication & Journalism students will attend Philip Kotler’s training, following a projects contest


3 students from Communication and Journalism Faculty from Bucharest University have the chance to win tickets at Philip Kotler’s certified training in Bucharest after participating in “Romanian Marketing Association launch” projects contest. The best 3 projects will be awarded by Romtelecom with a ticket each for Kotler’s training.

Following the interest students showed regarding participation to Marketing3.0 certified training, the event’s organizers, supported by Romtelecom, decided to support the educational development and knowledge consolidation in the field for students by launching a projects contest that offers 3 tickets to participate the event.

Besides the 3 tickets to participate to Marketing 3.0, an unique chance for a future marketing specialist, seeing as it comes with an international accreditation recognized by marketing associations in the entire world, there must be taken in consideration also the added value in defining the launch strategy for Romanian Marketing Association, won along with the received proposals

Sorin Psatta

Project coordinator / Associate professor FJSC Bucharest

The competition is targeting students in 2nd, 3rd year of faculty and the ones attending a Master program in Advertising and PR at FJSC and takes place on May 9-23. The proposals entered in the contest will be analyzed following a set of judging criteria that include innovation, possibility of implementing actions with the specified budget and respecting the brief. The proposals must be send until May 23rd, on email, at concurs@marketing30.ro.

Besides attending the training, the finalists will have the occasion to participate to a photo session together with Philip Kotler, the day of the event.

Any student in communication read at least one of Kotler’s books but, for sure, there are a lot that dreamt having a face to face conversation with him. That is why we are considering Marketing 3.0 is an extraordinary occasion, that we offer with great pleasure to these students, to meet him personally. They deserve that, especially considering they represent the generation that will put their signature on all what marketing will mean in the future

Cristina Popescu

Communication Director Romtelecom

Romanian Marketing Association (ARM) will register and constitute as a professional association of marketeers and associations that are innovating, share and develop Romanian marketing and aims to provide resources for marketing specialists, to create a frame to share professional knowledge and promote marketing practices.