Timisoreana Celebrations, developed and implemented by Mercury360 for the 4th year in the row

Events, Marketing

Romanian Mercury360, agency specialized in integrated marketing services, won the implementation for Timisoreana Celebrations series of events for Timisoreana beer brand (Ursus Breweries), most popular and best sold beer in Romania.

Mercury360 was selected to organize the events this yeas also following a selection in two steps: one to chose the communication platform and event’s concept and one for implementation. Mercury360 proposed both the winning concept and the most efficient implementation solution.

Timisoreana Celebrations represent one of brand’s main activities during summer and aims to offer a complex brand experience to consumer, putting them in contact with the traditions and values world that made Timisoreana’s story get over the ages.

Through the celebrations we are trying, each year, to create an emotional link between the consumer and the brand, offering each of them the possibility to be part of Timisoreana’s world. We will invite this summer also the consumers to enjoy a good glass of Timisoreana beer, according to the tradition. We have close to us trusted partners such as¬†Mercury360, that understand the brand and the project in all its details and we wish that, at the end of the campaign, to show that we were a team that made the story go forward with excellency

Cristina Gherman

Senior Brand Manager Timisoreana

In 2012, Timisoreana Celebrations will visit 6 Romanian towns and the caravan will stop couple days in each location, between June and August, to give people time to enjoy a beer with tradition, but also special moments specially tailored to make them feel well.

The project includes integrated actions of BTL communication (events and activations), ATL, PR and Online and is handled together by the agenciesMercury360 Communications, GMP, 2Active PR, GPX and Mediascope.