Gemius to measure online audience in Hungary

Digital & Media, Marketing

Gemius, together with its partner – Ipsos, have been selected the provider of the next wave of internet audience measurement in Hungary.

IAB Hungary and the Association of Hungarian Communication Agencies (MAKSZ) have declared Gemius, in cooperation with Ipsos, as the winner of the Digital Audience Measurement Tender (Digitális Közönségmérési Tender – DKT13 in Hungary). For the victorious couple, this means a continuation of their online audience measurement services in the country.

The new wave of audience measurement is set to begin on 2nd January 2013 and will last until 2017. The tender marks a great step for one of the most developed CEE online markets, as for the first time the measurement will include not only online metrics (gemius/Ipsos Audience), but also mobile audience insights (gemiusMobile) and online video data (gemiusStream). These novelties are a response to the rapid development of the Hungarian interactive advertising market over the recent years and to the substantial increase in the interest of advertisers, agencies and publishers.

 We are delighted in the decision of IAB Hungary and MAKSZ. It enables us, together with Ipsos, to provide such an exceptionally interesting market as Hungary with a thorough insight into the local internet reality (…) In the same time, this very decision proves how much our online audience measurement tool is appreciated. Keeping pace with the latest trends, we have decided to broaden the scope of the gemius/Ipsos Audience study by the measurement of mobile internet and video content. These new features make it the best answer to all the needs of online professionals, helping them find the daily way through the online realm.

Pieczyński Filip

Gemius VP / Heaf of gemiusAudience department

Gemius is the leader in the field of internet measurement and consultancy in Europe and in the Middle East. Originating in Poland, Gemius has expanded across the EMEA region and is currently operating on thirty markets. The company is the pioneer of the full hybrid methodology for online audience measurement, integrating both consumer panels and advanced site-centric research, giving media planners highly credible results (gemiusAudience). It also offers professional research solutions, analytical and advisory services, from site-centric and user-centric studies to technologically-advanced tools for studying internet user behaviour on chosen websites (gemiusTraffic), internet user socio-demographic profiles (gemiusProfile), the quality of WWW page usage (gemiusUsability) and the effectiveness of internet advertising campaigns (gemiusEffect). Gemius also conducts research related to subjects submitted by customers (gemiusAdHoc). Apart from the above-mentioned research services, Gemius offers studies on the behaviour of users who view online multimedia content (gemiusStream) and a research tool for immediate measurement and presentation of all clicks made by internet users on a website (gemiusHeatMap).