JayGrey relaunched Vitek Vodka

Ads, Creativity

JayGrey and Vitek Vodka launched a  campaign to leverage brands’ heritage and high quality, focusing on  “Distilled by Peasants, Drunk by Royalty” idea.

JayGrey conceptualised the campaign and declined the idea in label’s design, on TV, print, point-of-sale and radio, with digital to follow.

We love working with JayGrey. They’re smart, well-organized and great partners (…) Most creative people have a well-defined creative process which can sometimes be difficult for an outsider to accommodate. However, JayGrey makes it their business to involve you in a continuous process of check and balance – eliminating surprises and making you feel that you’re a valid part of the finished product

Vitek Czernuszyn

Owner & Director Vitek Vodka

We pride ourselves on producing quality campaigns for clients, ones that our teams look forward to working on for years to come – hard-core creative solutions that resonate with the consumer, whilst not sacrificing entertainment for efficacy. Vitek is that dream client (…) We also think that clients get the ads that they deserve. It is great that Vitek has stuck to what he’s good at – buying good ads and making vodka!

Jay Furby

Creative Cirector JayGrey

Campaign’s credits:

JayGrey: Jay Furby – Creative Director, Copywriter, Art Director, Sandi Gracin – Agency Producer, Will Frew – Account Supervisor and Director,

Vitek Vodka: Vitek Czernuszyn – Advertiser Supervisor

Production: Orange Whip Films (with Alex Mooney – Producer, Simon Macrae – Director, Dan Mitchell – Editor)

Post Production: Fanatic Films (Sound Design/Arrangement: Barry Stewart / Sound Reservoir, Director of Photography: Matt Stewart ACS, Production Designer: Jamie Morris)

Mix Company: Sound Reservoir

V/O Artist: Jay Furby