Find the closest hospital with a new app from MediHelp International


MediHelp International launched the 1st smartphone app in the private health insurances sector in Romania, available for free for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. The app can be downloaded by anyone, no matter if they are or not clients of MediHelp.

The new app allows users to look for the closest hospital from the place they are at, anywhere in the world, only needing the app and an internet connection. Also, the app can be used in case of emergencies, as it includes a first aid kit. By opening the menu, the users can find a list of symptoms and, by selecting one of them, they are provided a list of instructions and advice that can be useful in case of danger.

We understand perfectly the modern lifestyle: lack of time, tech development, the permanent need to be connected to the others. We created this tool for our clients and for anyone interested in this domain. We chose to offer this app for free, for anyone that needs help, as this is our final purpose, to orientate our clients towards prevention and protection. We wish everyone to be safe, no matter where they are in the world

Zahal Levy

President MediHelp International

Another option of the app – Medical Partners – allows users to find all MediHelp partners all over the world in case they need a medical consult.

Also, the people that want to buy a private health insurance can access Health Insurance menu, that offers exact details on products range, or they can press Request a Quote to get the best suited insurance plan for them.