The Geeks – pro bono for Antipa Museum

Digital & Media, Marketing

The Geeks was involved, pro bono, in the relaunch of Antipa Museum website, The website was reorganized and remade to match museum’s transformation in the last couple years.

After 2 years of modernization works related to the permanent exhibition and public spaces, Antipa museum reopened in September 2011. The modernization of the communication with the public, easy to notice in the exhibition rooms, was also imposing a modernization of Museum’s website, that was unchanged since 2000, when it was launched. Better structures, with images from the new exhibition, with the possibility of communicating to visitors, the new website matches our new visiting offer

Aurora Stanescu,

Head of Public Relations, Cultural Marketing & Educational Programs Department

Grigore Antipa National Museum

Beyond the daily functionality demands, in building the website it mattered very much brand’s personality (…) This way, beside reorganizing the content and complete remake for the data bases, the website brings to life Antipa’s new spirit, one closer to the visitors’ new generation

Alexandru Gugurel

Online Project Manager The Geeks

The website was officially launched on May 24th and benefited of a warm reception in Romanian press.

The team working on project includes:

The Geeks: Mirabela Manea – Brand Communication Manager, Alexandru Gugurel – Online Project Manager, Doru Sana – Flash Developer, Daniel Mircea – Web Developer, Alexandru Boiangiu – Senior Designer and Costin Radu – Head of Creative Planning;

Antipa Museum: Aurora Stanescu and Diana Ion – Public Relations, Cultural Marketing & Educational Programs Department