New Vodafone Romania brand campaign: Trust in better and we’re stronger together

Creativity, Marketing

Vodafone Romania launched, recently, a new brand campaign with the tag line “Vodafone brings together people that trust in better. Together, we are stronger”. The campaign is meant to represent a new stage in Vodafone’s brand life, that evolved in the same time with Romanian society and people’s aspirations.

Also, the new approach marks a shift from recent campaigns, that were centered on young people’s fun or on Romanian celebrities and their lives.

According to the new approach, Vodafone wants to be close to people and communities with ideas, courage and determination to act towards common good and wants to do that through its services, but also through social and cultural partnerships supported over the time.

The campaign was launched with an initial teaser, than in an event where many personalities associated with Vodafone in different projects were present. Among the ones present to the event there were Raed Arafat – Romanian paramedics founder (a project Vodafone is supporting for 7 yers, as “Partnership for life”), Ivan Patzaichin, Romanian sportsmen and the most awarded Olympic in Romania, Romanian film director Tudor Giurgiu, founder and director Transylvania International Film Festival, Marcel Iures and Victor Rebengiuc, Romanian actor that lent his voice to new Vodafone’s ad.

As visible from the TV spot, the campaign targets more groups and professionals, from students to family, entrepreneurs, car drivers and sportsmen, sending them a positive and optimist social message.