Brandtailors signs package design for Raraul fresh cheese


Brandtailors signs the packaging design for Rarăul’s new fresh cheese . Marking a new stage in the development of Raraul’s brand portfolio and moving from basic and traditional dairy products to a more sophisticated and complex product range – fresh cheese  with different flavors for a whole array of occasions –, the new package design solution developed for Raraul’s line extension helps increase the brand’s relevance on the Romanian quality dairy market.

Package’s design highlights the taste and freshness attributes of the new products, and underlines the defining elements of the “mother” brand, ensuring its easy recognition and associations among its target consumers.

The package design solution is grounded in Rarăul’s already well-established brand values – authenticity and the celebration of nature’s purity – which the new graphic context holds in high respect. However, by centering the entire design solution on the product itself, in order to emphasize its intrinsic attributes, flavors and natural provenience, Raraul’s core values are significantly enhanced, so as to provide the range with a remarkable impact in the consumers’ perception and strong differentiation at the shelf.

Silviu Filipovici

Senior Brand Designer

The package design also ensures a high level of differentiation between the line extension’s subcategories by a color-coding based graphic system, which also helps facilitate the natural, clear reading order of the package elements.

Brandtailors team contributing to this project included Andreea Florea – brand audit and design strategy, Silviu Filipovici – design strategy, package design, image
retouching and preproduction processing, Cristina Ionescu (former Account Manager) – project management.