Lowe&Partners signs “First Name, Last Name Credit” campaign for Bancpost

Ads, Creativity

Lowe & Partners created for  Bancpost a new communication campaign for personal needs credit product. The 1st step in developing the communication platform was product’s branding: First Name Last Name Credit. Both the branding and campaign’s call to action “Try the credit that suits you!” invites consumers to find out details about the credit specially tailored for each of them.

Each client is unique and must be treated accordingly. That is why we want to offer to him a special product, that can be adjusted on his needs and his profile. We wanted a creative concept to communicate clearly the advantages of the new product, to consolidate the individuality of the solution we are offering to each client

Stefania Cristescu

Marketing & Communications Manager,

Personal Credits Division Bancpost

The idea came to us from product’s characteristics, that we needed to find a name and to communicate. We realize a single name isn’t enough for a product that is customizable, so we came up with couple million options. Meaning a product name for each possible clients. Around this idea, we built and developed the campaign in all mediums

Mihai Fetcu

Creative Director Lowe&Partners

Campaign’s activation consisted in launching an innovative app for Romania, in which people were invited to look for their name on Google and, automatically, the credit with their name was generated. Than, the campaign moved in Pipera subway station, that was specially decorated and where people are invited to make a photo together with one of the creditation plans that suit them and to enter the contest on Bancpost’s Facebook page.

The campaign is running in all communication mediums, such as TV, print, radio, online, OOH, POSM (in bank’s offices).

The team involved in making the campaign included:

Bancpost: Stefania Cristescu and Cristina Benu

Lowe&Partners: Razvan Dumitrescu – Strategy Director, Mihai Fetcu – Creative Director, Marina Cordun – Copywriter, Claudia Pascu – Art Director, Ana Smultea – Senior Account Manager, Cristina Popovici- Account Manager.